Data Steward Responsibilities

Each Data Steward is responsible for overseeing strategic and tactical data management for their particular data subject area as specified below and according to the responsibilities specified in data management policies and standards.

Data Stewards shall . . .

  • Ensure institutional data managers appropriately implement the policies, standards, guidelines, procedures or other guidance provided by the UDMC and Indiana University leadership.
  • Categorize institutional data and develop appropriate protocols for the protection of, access to and use of all classifications of institutional data to ensure all data are treated in accordance with law, regulation, and organizational policy.
  • Approve the use of applications, systems, products and services for storage and manipulation of data classified at various levels of sensitive.
  • Develop, review, and coordinate efforts to provide ongoing education and awareness of data management policies and procedures.
  • Provide strategic input to Indiana University leadership on matters relating to data governance.
  • Stay abreast of emerging institutional data management issues and adjust guidance as necessary.
  • Work with the UDMC to ensure institutional data governance efforts support the university’s mission and strategic plans.