Data Steward for Health Data

Claire Tempel

Claire Tempel

HIPAA Privacy Officer, Data Steward for Health Data

2709 E. 10th Street
Bloomington, IN


Claire Tempel is the HIPAA Privacy Officer for Indiana University and serves as the Data Steward for health data.  She is responsible for leading the University’s HIPAA Privacy Compliance Program ensuring any schools, units, clinical or research programs that provide patient care or manage health information are in compliance with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule, related state privacy and security laws and regulations, and university and external entity IT and privacy policies and procedures.  Tempel has held leadership roles in healthcare compliance and privacy for over 10 years and has extensive experience in policy development, training programs, incident response, and compliance program auditing and monitoring. Prior to her role as HIPAA Privacy Officer, Claire served as a compliance and privacy analyst for a hospital system and most recently held the position of Compliance and Privacy Officer at the IU School of Optometry from 2013 – 2019.  Claire holds a certification in healthcare compliance through the Healthcare Compliance Association (HCCA).