University Data Management Council (UDMC)

Governing Body for Data Management

The University Data Management Council (UDMC) is chartered by the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and works in conjunction with the University Risk and Assurance Council (URAC). The UDMC is comprised of seven permanent members and up to two rotating members.

Council members

Seven permanent members include those who have compliance responsibilities for the largest segments of institutional data or by virtue of their university role have oversight responsibility for legal, contractual and/or policy requirements associated with protecting information. (See Appendix A, section I of the UDMC Charter.)

Office Representative
Chief Privacy Officer Mark Werling (Chair)
FERPA Jeff Johnston 
Health/HIPAA Claire Tempel 
Research Heather Coates
3rd Party Contractual Oversight Tally Thrasher
General Counsel (OVPGC) Jeffrey Goetz 
Employee & Benefits Data Laura Kress

Rotating members

Up to two Data Stewards or individuals with strategic expertise and background relevant to data management, data privacy and security needs of the university may be appointed by the Council Members to a two-year rotating membership position.

Office Representative
Financial Data Sterling George

UIPO Support

Office Representative
University Information Policy Officer Eric Cosens
Sr. Data Administration Program Manager  Julie Aders