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Classification and storage

Institutional Data is categorized into data classifications as defined in IT Policy DM-01: Management of Institutional Data to ensure proper handling and sharing of data based on sensitivity and criticality of the information. For help in determining how data is classified at IU as well information on where to store institutional data, try these tools.

Data Sharing and Handling (DSH) tool

Critical Data Guide

Data Classification Matrix

To request shared storage and collaboration space for your team, council, committee, new project, etc. see Request Microsoft or Google employee shared storage. The institutional storage request form will walk you through creation of a new Microsoft Team or Google Shared Drive.

For more information on best practices in the Microsoft and Google storage environments see:

Best practices for Microsoft Teams at IU

Protect sensitive data in Google at IU Secure Storage


Is it absolutely necessary to retain a copy on a user’s individual computer or department server? Or, does the university maintain the same information elsewhere? Rather than creating another copy that will require special protections, access and view the information from its primary university source.

For more information on records management and retention see:

University Archives: Resources for Records Management at IU

Records Retention and Disposition Schedule (RRSD)

Inventory and risk assessment tools

For more information on best practices for keeping inventoryor assessing risk on your institutional data see: 

Enterprise Information Governance (EIG)

Institutional Data Standards checklist (for IT professionals and system providers)

Requesting a third party data assessment