Institutional Storage Request Form

Request new institutional storage

Institutional files must be stored in institutional storage locations for a number of reasons, including:

  • Some sensitive files require stricter storage and sharing settings. Special institutional storage locations must be used for these files.
  • If you transfer positions or leave IU, institutional storage locations allow your colleagues to continue to access the files they need.

Note: Your IT Pro may have already requested institutional storage for your department, so it is a good idea to coordinate storage needs with your supervisor and IT pro especially when managing restricted and critical data.

If you are an employee who will be storing content that is university internal data classification or greater and includes information that terminated employees should not have access to, use the institutional storage request form.

Why is it important to use the institutional storage request form vs the  Join or Create Team Join or Create Team button button in Microsoft Teams?  Requesting through the form:

  • Applies security configurations and controls based on the data selected
  • Ensures the appropriate naming conventions are in place
  • Provides storage owner access to the “Manage your storage” tool which will provide an interface to update the storage location such as (i.e. addition of external collaborators, update changes in data classification, update Team description and metadata, etc.).  The management tool will also provide valuable audit information
  • Provides the owner with a list of their responsibilities as well as training resources for maintaining user access in the Team, any channels created, and within Sharepoint Online

Request new institutional storage form

For more information see: Request institutional storage in Microsoft or Google at IU shared storage