Searching and inventorying

Even if you think you do not have any critical information under your control, there are tools like Identify Finder to help make sure.

Searching for critical information

Indiana University licenses Identity Finder, a tool that can search for, protect, and securely dispose of certain critical information elements stored on your computer, file shares, or external media. For more information, see the Identity Finder page.

Identity Finder and similar tools also assist with inventorying locations that contain critical information. You cannot protect critical information if you do not know you
have it, so:

  • Check to see if you have critical information on your departmental file server; your departmental/campus web servers; portable devices such as laptops, tablets, or smart phones; and storage media (disks, USB keys, CDs, etc).
  • Inform your departmental IT Professional if you find critical information, and ask for assistance in disposing of or protecting it adequately.
  • Identify where you have stored critical information on paper — including your desk or office area, file cabinets, closets, remote storage, and any other storage areas used by you or your unit.

About that Social Security Number (SSN)

IU ended the use of SSNs as employee IDs in 2002, and student IDs in 2004. Therefore, it is important to review employee records prior to 2003, and student records prior to 2005, looking for SSNs in particular.

To purge old records of SSNs:

  • Delete the SSN column and all the SSNs in it from historical student records.
  • Look for colored papers (class rosters used to be printed on green or blue paper) or oversized sheets of white paper (about 10” X 13” — usually for records prior to 1989).
    • If you do not need them, shred them!
    • If you need them, ensure records with SSNs are moved to secured storage.
  • For external payrolls or government reporting, a university ID number can be converted to a SSN at the time of reporting.