News from the University Data Management Council

Google’s Hangouts Chat is approved for Public and University-Internal information.

February 21, 2019

Hangouts Chat (a Google GSuite application) has been approved by the UDMC as a replacement for Google Chat and may be used to share documents containing public and university-internal information. Hangouts Chat should not be used for sharing information classified as restricted or critical.

New Box Drive feature, "Mark for Offline" (MfO) is approved to replace Box Sync.

February 6, 2019

A new feature in Box Drive, “Mark for Offline” (MfO), has been approved by the UDMC as a replacement for current Box “Sync” functionality which is expected to be retired by the end of 2019. Read more »

MS Online, PHI and BHDA

January 31, 2019

Users working with protected health information (PHI) will be glad to know the University Data Management Council (UDMC) has approved the use of MS Office Online when working with documents stored in Box Health Data Accounts (BHDA). This approval comes after receiving a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) from Microsoft and the completion of a HIPAA alignment review. MS Office Online continues to be available for working with other types of documents stored in Box.

Crimson Card Photo

January 23, 2018

Recent discussions with the University Data Management Council (UDMC) and a group of Data Stewards has resulted in the Crimson Card Photo being classified as “Restricted” institutional data. Use of the photo is governed by the DM-01 Policy ( The CrimsonCard Policy (Procedures (Official University Identification Card)(4)) was also updated to add this restriction (

Required update to Acceptable Use Agreement

October 3, 2017

Recently, the University Data Management Council reaffirmed an interest in requiring a periodic re-assent to our acceptable use agreements, and sought approval for a CAS interrupt requiring users to re-assent on a two year basis. This was approved and implementation is expected in the first half of 2018. Read more »