Data Privacy Week 2024 has begun around the world to help remind us of the importance of protecting our personal data. This week gives us an opportunity to evaluate the choices we make with our personal information, and how we interact with institutional data as part of our jobs at IU. Here are a few tips to consider in 2024 to help protect personal data at IU.

Generative artificial intelligence opens exciting possibilities for the IU community. Its ability to create content, code, analyze data, and more can help you uncover discoveries and solve problems with speed and elegance. That is why UITS has launched a new service page where you can find information on how to leverage AI for your goals.

On Tuesday, August 1, we will be enabling Duo Verified Push for all IU staff for services including IU Login. Duo Verified Push provides additional protection against attackers sending unsolicited Duo pushes to you trying to gain access to your IU account.

Any Microsoft Teams team must be created using IU's Institutional storage request form. To help with this process, a “New Team” button will be added to the left menu Starting July 12, linking directly to the form. This change helps safeguard new teams and their institutional data, while providing naming conventions and tools for storage owners and the IU community. IU will be working with Microsoft to remove the previous “Join or create a team” button during Fall 2023 to help reduce confusion.

Generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, are being explored by the IU community for their many applications. The  Privacy Office encourages you to take precautions when sharing personal information with these tools, as your content may be regenerated and shared with other users.

Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer (ChatGPT) is an online model designed to mimic human interaction via text conversation. Learn about how it can and cannot be used at IU.

Indiana University hosts many events that may include the collection of personal information during the registration process. Personal information that is collected for an IU-hosted event is classified as restricted data and should not be shared with others without consent from the participants. Even if it doesn't fall under the university’s definition of institutional data, it is important that there are safeguards in place to protect the information from unauthorized access.

In the past, storage was simple. You saved a file on your hard drive, made a backup, and hoped that neither would fail and result in you losing your files. These days at IU, we have migrated our server-based storage to cloud storage providers. First it was Box, then it was Google and Microsoft, and now, it's predominantly Microsoft storage. My goal with this article is to give you some sure-fire tips for finding files saved within Microsoft cloud storage.

In recognition of International Data Privacy Day, the University Information Policy Office has three simple steps to help you protect IU’s institutional data and to create a safer computing environment for the entire university community.