At Indiana University, the Board of Trustees owns all data at the highest level, except for information excluded by Intellectual Property policies. Each data domain is then appointed a Data Steward, who may also appoint Data Managers to govern the daily operations including access assignment, system administration, and decisions for release of institutional data.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is Indiana University’s governing board, legal owner, and final authority. For the purposes of information security and privacy governance, the Board is the owner of all information, except information excluded from university ownership as set forth in IU Policy UA-05.

Executive Management

IU's Executive Management includes those individuals assigned executive management responsibilities, typically with the titles of President, Vice President, and Chancellor. This group also includes the Academic Deans.

University Data Management Council

The purpose of the University Data Management Council is to provide university-wide strategic planning, governance, and oversight for Indiana University’s institutional data. The UDMC consists of eleven permanent members, including Data Stewards, the Chief Privacy Officer, and the UIPO.

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Data Stewards, Data Managers, & IT Partners

Data Stewards

Individually, each Data Steward has management and policy-making responsibilities for their specific data subject areas. For the purposes of information security and privacy governance, the title of Data Steward describes an individual with a role title related to university-wide information governance purposes. 

Data Managers

Data Managers are assigned responsibilities to receive, evaluate, and authorize or deny requests for access to systems, applications, and/or databases containing institutional information. They are assigned by their respective Data Steward to govern the daily operations of their data domain.

IT Management

Includes those individuals assigned technology management/director responsibilities for a unit or service.

IT Staff

Includes those individuals assigned responsibilities for developing and implementing technology infrastructure, systems, and applications to support functional needs upon direction from IT Management. For a directory of the IT Staff for each department, see the IT People Database (IU Login required).


Refers to any individual who interacts with institutional information.