Data Classification

There are four classification levels of institutional data at Indiana University.

Institutional Data is categorized into data classifications as defined in IT Policy DM-01: Management of Institutional Data to ensure proper handling and sharing of data based on sensitivity and criticality of the information. Data classifications are listed below from most sensitive to least sensitive: This is a test

Data Sharing and Handling (DSH) tool

For detailed information, use the Data Sharing and Handling (DSH) tool. This tool identifies how data have been classified, where it should be stored, and what laws and regulations should be considered. It also provides general guidance for sharing and disposing of each type of data. The tool is a simple 2 step process:

  1. identify the type of data you’re interested in by selecting a Domain,
  2. choose one of the categories of data presented to see detailed information.

For more background information, see: What is institutional data?

If you have more specific questions about data classification or the appropriate use of your data, after reviewing the content in the DSH tool, please contact the appropriate Data Steward. If you would like more complete information on data classification by domain, see the Data Classification Matrix.