Data Stewards

Data Stewards

Each Data Steward is responsible for the governance of a particular data subject area.

Data Subject Area

Data Steward

Affiliate Data

Eric Cosens

Advancement Data (donor & alumni)

Mary Bonk

Contracts and Grants/Research Administration Data

Lora O'Connor

Employee & Benefits Data

Laura Kress

Facilities Data

Jayd Grossman

Faculty Data

Akash Shah

Financial and Budget Data

Sterling George

Health Data

Mark Werling

International Programs Data

Denise Gardiner 

Library Data

Jon Dunn

Purchasing and Travel Data

Michelle Dugger - Interim

Research Data

Heather Coates

Research Compliance

Tracey Tompkins

Student Data

Jeff Johnston

Subject Matter Experts

The following individuals offer advice and assistance when needed.



Client Services and Support

Jacob Farmer

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Dan Young

Enterprise Systems

Eric Westfall

Identity Management

Geoff McGregor

Learning Management & Learning Analytics Data

Zihang Shao

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)

Chris Tompkins

Public Safety and Institutional Assurance-Physical Safety

Benjamin Hunter

Chief Information Security Officer

Jason Williams


Anthony Newman

University Information Policy 

Eric Cosens

University Archives

Amanda Rindler