Manage my storage tool For Teams and Shared Drive

The UIPO would like to announce that a new storage management tool is now available within the IU Institutional Storage request form.  Current storage owners or those who request new storage locations will have access to make modifications to their Microsoft Teams or Google Shared Drives.  These modifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Data Classification Updates
  • Storage Description Updates
  • Storage Usage Logs
  • External collaboration access setting which will aid in the update of the Team name to [Sec-E]
  • A review of the service agreement that details owner responsibilities under the view details section

User Access maintenance

Changes to membership and access to the Team and channels or Shared Drive must still be made through the Microsoft and Google interfaces.  This tool should be used for making changes detailed approved.

Please note

This tool includes Teams and Shared Drives created through the IU institutional request form and will not include storage locations created through the native MS Teams interface.  Also, access is only provided to the primary owner who requested the storage location.  You may add one additional co-owner to help maintain the Team descriptions, data classification, etc. if you would like to add this access to another owner.  If you provide the access, they will be able to see a details log include what users are doing within the Team, change the Team name, change classification, etc.

If you have any questions about this tool, please reach out to UIPO.  Please see the Knowledge Base for more information about usage of this tool.