Data Stewards

Data Stewards are recommended by the Chief Assurance Officer and appointed by the Vice President for Information Technology. Data governance is a quality control discipline that includes the categorization, access management, use, maintenance, and protection of organizational information.


Each Data Steward is responsible for overseeing strategic and tactical data management for their particular data subject area as specified below and according to the responsibilities specified in data management policies and standards.

Data Stewards will strive to ensure that the guidance promulgated and published by the UDMC support and complement sector specific requirements while facilitating the widespread and appropriate access to and use of information.

Data Stewards shall develop and maintain high-level guidance for data access, management and handling, from the creation of the data through its destruction or long-term/permanent retention, through the adoption of policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures or other appropriate documentation or tools for their defined subject area. Data Stewards shall update guidance as necessary.

Data Stewards shall highlight the need for the development or refinement of policies and standards to ensure operationally significant information is available, accurate, and up to date. See more . . . .

Data Stewards      

Data Subject Area Data Steward
Affiliate Data Sara Chambers
Alumni and Foundation Data Mary Bonk
Contracts and Grants/Research Administration Data Lora O'Connor
Employee & Benefits Data Laura Kress
Facilities Data TBD
Faculty Data Susan McCammon
Financial and Budget Data Joan Hagen
Health Data Leslie Pfeffer
International Programs Data Jason Baumgartner
Library Data Jon Dunn
Purchasing and Travel Data Jill Schunk
Research Data Heather Coates
Research Compliance Marlise Blackburn
Student Data Julie Aders

Data Management Advisors

Data Management Advisors are ex officio members representing advisory offices or functions.

Office Representative
University Budget and Planning Sam Adams
University Counsel Jeff Goetz
Internal Audit Kevin Keough

Data Steward Delegates

Data Steward Delegates handle day to day activities as assigned by the Data Stewards.  Additionally, when the UDMC works on issues related to a specific domain and/or calls together the group of Stewards, the Delegate may represent the Steward if the Steward is unavailable.

Office Delegate
Affiliate Data Eric Cosens
Alumni and Foundation Geoff Morris (1) and Jeff Lambright  (2)
Employee & Benefits  Bob DeGiorgio and Andy Hoover
Facilities  Susan Fleener 
Faculty and Academic Affairs Shravya Saripella and Akash Shah 
Financial and Budget Sterling George
Health Andrew Marsh
Internal Audit  Dennis Gillespie (Advisor Delegate)
International Programs Tim Climis
Library Lori Duggan (1) and Andrew Asher (2)
Purchasing and Travel Jay Gottdenker
Research Marlise Blackburn and Leslie Pfeffer
Research Admin (C&G) Matt Younger
Research Compliance Lora O'Connor
Student Jeff Johnston and Carissa Bullman   

Subject Matter Experts

Office Representative
Client Services and Support Cathy O'Bryan
Enterprise Systems Jacob Farmer
Public Safety and Institutional Assurance-Cybersecurity  Tom Davis
Public Safety and Institutional Assurance-Physical Safety Benjamin Hunter
REN-ISAC Kim Milford
University Information Policy Officer Eric Cosens
Chief Information Security Officer Andrew Korty
University Archivess Dina Kellams and Molly Wittenberg
University Research and Reporting Todd Schmitz

Staff & support

Area Contact
Research and general support (TBD)